General Sales Conditions:

  Shipping and Transportation:

The prices of the plants are understood on truck in our Nursery. The transport is at the expense and risk of the buyer, this Nursery declining any damage or deterioration that the plant may suffer once removed from the Nursery, both in its transport and in its conservation or possible enrichment once outside the Nursery.

   Way to pay:

The prices included in our rate are in the Nursery and are understood in cash. The amount of the plant must be paid before the withdrawal of the plant from the Nursery, not authorizing any load or exit in any other case.

In sales of less than € 600 the price of this rate will be increased by 25%.

   Plant Reserve:

The reserved plant will remain in the Nursery until the agreed date for its withdrawal, if it arrives the plant is not withdrawn, VIVEROS DENOY, S.L. is authorized. so you can freely dispose of it.